Gemini Random Simple Polygon Generator (GRSPG) is a library for generating random simple 2D polygons and is written in C# 3.5.
GRSPG is a part of Gemini Library which is not completely released yet.

So far I did not provide any documentation for GGL, but it will be available here as well as it becomes ready.

How to get

If you agree to the restrictions listed below, you may fetch version 1.0.3536 (latest version) of GRSPG as source zip file (31.5 KB) or binary zip file (13.2 KB).


Gemini Random Simple Polygon Generator is subject to the following usage restrictions:
Copyright (2008-2015) Mohammadreza Jooyandeh. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby given for use and/or distribution with the exception of sale for profit or application with nontrivial military significance. You must not remove this copyright notice, and you must document any changes that you make to this program. This software is subject to this copyright only, irrespective of any copyright attached to any package of which this is a part. Absolutely no guarantees or warranties are made concerning the suitability, correctness, or any other aspect of this program. Any use is at your own risk.


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